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Weekends in Paris.

While enjoying living in Brussels, we also love it that we are less than two hours from Paris by train and can make a weekend trip there any time we want.  We had both been to Paris before so our recent trips to this beautiful city are simply filled with walks around different neighborhoods as well as tasty food and drinks.  The most typical advice is to just get lost in the streets of Paris; but in case you want to plan your day around meals like we do, below are our most favorite spots to eat and drink!



Marché des Enfants Rouges  This is the oldest covered market in Paris.  It isn’t huge but lovely with delicious choices for lunch.  Sit outside when the weather is nice to enjoy and glass of wine and Lebanese food!

Café Charlot  This typical Parisian café is right opposite from Marché des Enfants Rouges with terrace sitting and traditional French dishes.  Last time, I had a delicious lunch there with lemony skate wing, haricots verts and rice.  They also have an amazing sorbet selection.  Everything is fresh and tasty — try it all!  

Au Comptoir de l’Arc  This restaurant is just steps away from the iconic L’Arc de Triomphe.  It is very reasonably priced and serves up great food!  We recommend to get dinner here then head over to the river for Bateau Mouche, a cruise on the Seine at night to see all of Paris lit up.  (This might seem like the most touristy thing to do but totally worth it!)

La Grande Cremerie  This beautiful place is right in the heart of Paris!  You will spend around 35-50 euros per person including drinks.  Ask for a wine recommendation of your price range to taste one of their 400 different wines and champagnes.  Everything can be shared and enjoyed with friends.   We highly recommend a delicious plate of pasta negra and fresh burrata!

Kunitoraya  There are many Japanese restaurants in the same area but not all are good (sadly, we know this from first-hand experiences).  But we can guarantee that both the Kunitoraya establishments on rue Villedo are amazing!  The beautifully light-filled Udon Bistro Kunitoraya at 1 rue Villedo is perfect for a quick lunch.  The recently renovated (from an early 1900s bistro) Restaurant Kunitoraya at 5 rue Villedo offers a similar menu as the sister eatery but also a fancier degustation dinner.  Try any type of hot udon on a cold winter day or a rice dish on a summer day.  Well… I (Phuong) am a fan of soup any day of the year but for those who don’t, there are choices!

L’Épi Dupin  This restaurant features seasonal products in choices of fixed price menus ranging between 39-52 euros not including drinks.  The owners pride themselves for only using responsible local products with the least carbon footprints.  Their food is not only delicious but beautiful.  If you feel like splurging, the culinary adventure here is definitely worth it!

Le Loup  This stunning restaurant is so beautiful and worth every penny.  Make sure to reserve the table as it gets packed around dinner time.  Come at 8pm and enjoy as much time as you want here as the friendly staff would never rush you out!  The restaurant is known for their roasted chicken and suckling pig (which are scrumptious and delightful!).  But we’ve been to Le Loup with vegetarian friends who also had a good time there!

Hero  Stunning restaurant with tasty Korean fried chicken and other Korean-inspires fares.



Exploring Paris by foot is the best but also wears you out.  3pm always calls for a coffee while people watching — these spots are perfect for both!

Kodama  This tiny tea shop offers creative tea blends that are not your regular earl grey or green teas.  Try a tea you’ve never had before with one of their delicious pastries!

Costume Café  If coffee is your thing rather than tea, take a break from sightseeing to hang out here!  The designy latte / delicious cake combination is always a good idea!

Sésame  Cute café that serves nice simple lunches and breakfasts.  We’ve only been there in the afternoon for a cake and coffee.  Stop by if you are already in Canal St. Martin!

Boot Café  Not an afternoon caffeine fan?  Have a natural juice at this tiny cafe!

0/Gustave by Yemanja  We stumbled upon this beautiful new café during our last trip and have been dying to go back!  Have a coffee or tea; OR better yet, try something in their beer selection!  It’s never too early to have a drink with an afternoon snack.



L’Ours  Legit cocktail bar with great drinks!

Le Comptoir Général  Popular spot for drinks among Parisians!  It’s several bars inside one bar.  You’d be surprised to find such a huge place in the middle of Paris.

Lavomatic  Speakeasy bar hidden behind a laundromat.  Enjoy your adult beverage on a swing!


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