It rained for three days out of the four days of our trip in Lisbon but the rain could not take the sunshine out of this city because it is full of colors!  I have never seen so many beautiful tiles in my life — tiles on the outside of buildings, tiles on the inside, tiles on the floor, tiles on the ceiling, tiles everywhere.  Azulejos, the traditional Portuguese hand-painted tiles, were such a dream.  Needless to say, I am completely obsessed!  The Museu Nacionl do Azulejo, a museum dedicated to tiles, helped us trace the history of azulejos back to the 15th century to present.  At some point around the beginning of the 20th century, azulejos went out of style, which makes me so sad for the obvious reason that if they hadn’t, the whole city would be covered in tiles.  Myke seems to think that this scenario would be rather seizure-inducing but I wholeheartedly disagree.   I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful it would be if every house surface in Lisbon was covered by its own unique geometric colorful tile design.


Lisbon: an azulejos heaven


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