We’ve seen Xenia Rubinos live twice now and she has the most energy out of all the artists we’ve ever seen live before.  She performs with her whole entire body and will make you smile and laugh.  Truly amazing!


The winter is terrible except for that time we frolicked around while celebrating our engagement.




We are super stoked to see the quirky Swedish band Little Dragon tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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Bedstuy, Do or Die.

We used to live in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.  Though we hated our old apartment, the neighborhood had many gems that we absolutely love.  If you are ever in Bedstuy, check out these spots!



Peaches Hothouse  Amazing brunch with a southern flair!  There’s nothing that makes us happier than fried chicken and honey.  We took many friends here and they all loved us a little more after our shared meals!

Do or Dine  Restaurant by Food Network Star winner Justin Warner.  Can’t say enough good things about this place.  Everything is delicious and despite the familiar names, nothing is what you usually expect.  The chicken and waffles features jerk chicken.  The fish and chips comes with a whole fish.  Spoiler alert – we know!  But there are still many surprises waiting for you to discover at Do or Dine!

David’s Brisket House  Many people go to Katz and few know about David’s.  But the truth is David’s will surpass all your expectations of what a good pastrami and rye sandwich should be.  The Muslim owner of David’s has definitely mastered the Jewish expertise of smoking meat to perfection.



Bushbaby  This place was just right around the corner from our old place and we used to see the own everywhere in the hood.  Cute coffee shop with tasty hot drinks for the winter including tea mixed with wine.

Tiny Cup  This little spot has the best bagels that we’ve had in the city.

Common Grounds  Delicious coffee and snacks.


And while you’re thinking about when your next trip to Bedstuy will be, check out this tune by The Gold Magnlias.  These talented guys rocked our wedding reception!




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