Two years since our last trip and the Northwest is still as beautiful as ever in the fall!  Our days were filled with long walks, amazing food, delicious brews, and quality time with friends.  Randomly, we saw Sir Mix-a-Lot in concert.  He still loves big butts and cannot lie.  It was amazing!  A full guide of Seattle with all the restaurants, bars, shops, etc. will be coming soon!


A little memory from Seattle.


In merely a week, we will be in the Northwest, our favorite part of the U.S.  It is always hard to go back somewhere when there are so many places in the world to see.  However, Seattle holds a special place in our little hearts because of the beautiful evergreen trees, the clean air, the people, the Seahawks, and the happening hip hop scene.  Our last trip to Seattle was two years ago and we cannot wait to be back.  Be on the lookout to our  travel guide and music from some of our favorite Seattle-based artists!


Upcoming Trip: Seattle, October 31 – November 4