Travel Guide

A guide to Seattle’s food, brews, and more.

Our secret ingredients to a good trip are: 1) Sleep and nap as much as possible; 2) Make sure to eat at least three meals a day (the more the better); 3) Take in life with long walks; 4) Find some local brews and day drink; 5) Try to avoid tourist traps.  We added all of the above to our latest trip to Seattle and it was amazing.  Here’s our guide to a fun long weekend in the Emerald City!



Musashi’s  This little gem in Wallingford has the most incredible sushi, sashimi, and a couple types of Japanese rice bowls at amazing prices.  Every day when I wake up in Brooklyn, I dream of devouring a bowl of chirashi at Musashi’s, full of the freshest varieties of sashimi at the incredible price of $14.  What a steal!  Disclaimer: they only accept cash or personal checks.

Hue Ky Mi Gia  If you feel like wandering to the International District for some authentic asian food, you must stop by this spot.  You would fall in love with this place only if you like noodles and chicken wings.  The menu includes a gazillion types of Chinese-Vietnamese noodles with various toppings served in two styles – in the broth or dry with the soup on the side.  Another must-have is the chicken wings with juicy flavorfull meat inside, crispy buttery garlicy batter outside and some delightfully crunch garlic bits on top.  I’m sure everything else on the menu is good but do not leave this place without the wings!

The Walrus and the Carpenter  We had heard of this Ballard seafood spot for a while before this past trip to Seattle.  Everyone raves about the food and it certainly did not disappoint!  The fresh local oysters will melt in your mouth; the fried oysters are sublime; and the grilled sardines will not taste like any canned sardine you’ve ever had.  Those were our favorites!  We also spent some time drinking wine next door at the adorable Barnacle while waiting for our table and highly recommend this wine bar.

The Corson Building  This beautiful restaurant is tucked away in Georgetown next to the highway.  The communal seatings and warm decor make it feel like a cozy dinner party at a friend’s house.  The dinner with wine pairing on Saturday nights and family-style dinner on Sunday are both a little out of our budget so we resorted to the a-la-carte dinner on Friday.  We had vegetables and seafood sourced from local farmers and fishermen.  Everything was incredibly fresh and tasty!

The Wandering Goose  This friendly little cafe in Capital hill makes great pastries and biscuits.  Who knew biscuit and gravy could taste so good in the northwest!

Dot’s Delicatessen  Just looking at the deli display at this Fremont spot makes me happy.  They have any kind of cured meat you could possibly think of, multiples types of sausages, and several options of pâté and liver mousse.  Definitely not an option for non-meat lovers!


DRINK  Good beer!  That’s all we have to say about these spots!  Check them all out!

Fremont Brewing Company

Brouwer’s Cafe

Hilliard’s Brewery



Outlander Brewery and Pub



Molly Moon’s  Listen to this Brothers From Another track when you eat their delicious ice cream.

Volunteer Park Cafe  Take a break from your stroll in Volunteer Park and get some pastries here!

Hot Cakes  We came here already stuffed with good food and beer all over Ballard.  We didn’t think we could possibly eat anything else.  But we gave in the second we saw the molten chocolate cakes at this place.  The cake was warm and exploded with gooey delicious chocolate inside.  As if this sweet goodness wasn’t enough, we proceeded to pair it with butter beer (butterscotch, apple cider, champagne).  This warm rich buttery drink was  the last thing we had that day before a very long food coma.  We do not regret any of it!

Theo Chocolate  This chocolate store is always fun to go to!  Great flavors from normal to weird.  All delicious!



Gold Dogs Vintage

Burnt Sugar  Fun store in Fremont!

Michael Reed Black Antiques  Great if you’re into antique jewelry!

Book Larder  In love with this place!  If you cook, don’t miss this unique bookstores that specializes in cookbooks from all over the world.



Neumos  Cozy concert venue.

Chihuly Garden and Glass  This place at first appeared to be a tourist trap.  But it turned out to be a gorgeous exhibition!



Two years since our last trip and the Northwest is still as beautiful as ever in the fall!  Our days were filled with long walks, amazing food, delicious brews, and quality time with friends.  Randomly, we saw Sir Mix-a-Lot in concert.  He still loves big butts and cannot lie.  It was amazing!  A full guide of Seattle with all the restaurants, bars, shops, etc. will be coming soon!


A little memory from Seattle.


Seattle Tunes We Dig, Ya Dig?!

We are traveling to Seattle tomorrow for a short trip. Thought we would post about some of the music we are into from the area! Look out for future posts about regional music.

What’s not to love about Seattle? Crisp clean air, picturesque terrain, clear blue summers, classic grey winters. We could go on and on. The geography of the NW Emerald City never ceases to amaze us, but it’s what the people have created here that really speaks for this city.

It’s taking everything in my power to not bust out a full wiki style blog post about the Seattle music scene and my opinions why it popped off in the Post-War Era. But shout out to the Baby Boomers for making it happen. Everyone in the universe loves Jimi Hendrix, so thats enough evidence. Instead of the boring history lesson, I’ll just share a brief story with y’all.

The year was 2002, I had just started getting into hip hop foreal (when I say foreal I mean listening to my brothers’ collections and never to the radio). Through extensive digging through digital record crates (aka pirating music online), I came across a track “Odds on Favorite” by Boom Bap Project. MY GOD what a track. Ask anyone, we played this jam in our shared bedroom atleast 20x a day. Boom Bap Project became my favorite hip hop artist. Fast forward a little bit, their next album Reprogram came out right as I was about to head off to college. I couldn’t wait to be a Seattle hip hop evangelist for all these southern folks. There was a dude I met in school who was from the 206 named Steve. We chatted it up a little bit about the great NW (by then I had visited quite a few times for various reasons). He told me if I was onto Boom Bap, I HAD to check out some other ish. Per his recommendation I got hooked on Blue Scholars and Gabriel Teodros. I think I still have facebook message he sent me about those guys.

Since then I’ve been shouting to the rooftops about Seattle hip hop. It’s real, it’s honest, it hits, it bumps, it’s unique, and most importantly THEY SUPPORT EACHOTHER. You’d be hard pressed to find these guys trying to emulate. With the recent success of the homie Macklemore, I think people are just now starting to really take a second glance at 206 hip hop. Here is a list of some seattle cats we dig, ya dig?

Blue Scholars

The Physics


Nacho Picasso


Brothers From Another

The list goes on and on. There are many more amazing artists, I suggest you all do a little digging and see if you find anything you like! Here are some bonus indie/rock mentions:

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Minus the Bear

The Blood Brothers

Tried to keep this post as short as I could, but I’m longwinded. Peace.


In merely a week, we will be in the Northwest, our favorite part of the U.S.  It is always hard to go back somewhere when there are so many places in the world to see.  However, Seattle holds a special place in our little hearts because of the beautiful evergreen trees, the clean air, the people, the Seahawks, and the happening hip hop scene.  Our last trip to Seattle was two years ago and we cannot wait to be back.  Be on the lookout to our  travel guide and music from some of our favorite Seattle-based artists!


Upcoming Trip: Seattle, October 31 – November 4